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22 Scientific Health Benefits of Buckwheat Tea

Buckwheat Tea

Buckwheat Tea or famously known as Sobacha is another product of Buckwheat which has countless health benefits. Sobacha is extremely famous in Japan and is actually a Japanese word. Our Soba Cha-the Roasted Buckwheat Tea is made from the most nutritious seeds of buckwheat plants that are grown in Organic villages of Himalayas and Karakorum […]

Buckwheat Tea (Sobacha) そば茶

Brewed from buckwheat grains, this healthy and delicious Buckwheat Tea or Sobacha will be your new favorite drink! A popular tea in Japan, it is a great way to get the many benefits, along with its antioxidant power. You could enjoy it cold or warm and it’s perfect for an evening drink just before bed.  […]

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